Suggest a Restaurant

While we have been to many places before we started this, we always like finding new spots. Feel free to suggest a restaurant in the comments here or tweet us @mnfoodbros.


13 Responses to Suggest a Restaurant

  1. Jason says:

    Hey MN Food Bros…Which is the better Juicy Lucy. Matt’s Bar or the 5-8 Club in Mpls? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tooties bar and restaurant in North Mpls. Burgers are good. Steve O’s good for A wing I hear. Crystal, MN. Big louis 5.99 huge tasty burger on Monday’s. Check them out!!!!

  3. Black Belt Chef says:

    A personal favorite is a small mom and pop diner in Eagan called “Hovies.” Sort of a greasy spoon but I love the Corned Beef and Hash in the morning, and a great burgers and sandwiches in the afternoon. They are only open until 2pm so get there early.

  4. My wife and I have tried Cuzzy’s Brick House in Chaska a couple of times! I’d love to hear your take! Cuzzy’s

  5. alexdesnick says:

    Go the Quang Restaurant in Minneapolis. Its cheap, huge portions and theres nothing like it. Try the egg rolls, spring rolls, chicken wings, caramelized lemongrass chicken, grilled pork chops, beef pho etc…I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Guys how Tawakal Resturant in Burnsville. The best African Cusine.

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