The Blue Door – Minneapolis, MN

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While this wasn’t our first time trying The Blue Door it was however the first time we have gone to the Minneapolis location which opened back in January. If you have been to the St. Paul location you know how small it is and how crowded it can get, so if you don’t want some guy who is waiting for a table staring at you as you eat and when he isn’t staring at you his butt is in your face I would highly suggest going to the new one, it’s very spacious and open. We arrived right at the start of 2pm happy hour and our server was very informative and helpful with the options that entailed.

Of course the Food Bros had to have buffalo wings, right? I mean come on who doesn’t love beer, wings and burgers? The wings were a good size and well cooked. The sauce tasted great but I would have like a bit more heat from these, I would say they were a low end medium. Also no watered down flavorless blue cheese here, it actual was tasty and had nice chunks of blue cheese in it.

Blue Door Pastramilicious

Now on to the burgers, I ordered the Pastramilicious; this pepper jack stuffed burger comes with a good amount of pastrami, cream cheese and pickles.  Never having cream cheese on a burger this intrigued me. While I liked the combo of pastrami, cream cheese and pickles the cheese inside the burger was somewhat lacking and a bit more spice (from more cheese?) would have helped cut some of the sweetness from the cream cheese. I felt like the burger itself was an afterthought with all the stuff they put on it, which is sad because they make really good burgers here.  I probably will not order this burger again but lets move on to their fries. I love fresh-cut, skin on, crispy fries and in that they were perfect. Some of my favorite fries ever, now they just need to offer these as chili-cheese fries and I will be in heaven.


Overall they make good burgers, fries and wings at The Blue Door, I like the building and it’s in a nice location. If I live in the neighborhood I would proudly call myself a regular.


There is Matt’s Bar and then there is everyone else when it comes to Twin Cities Juicy Lucy’s. The Blue Door is somewhere near or maybe even on top of the “everyone else” list. With their newly opened Minneapolis location in the Longfellow neighborhood, The Blue Door continues to showcase the Twin Cities staple the “Juicy Lucy”.  They offer 11 Lucy’s at their new Minneapolis location. Some are winners and some are less than spectacular… continue reading for my explanation.

Blue Door Wings

We first started out with an order of Buffalo wings. I had previously read an article naming The Blue Door Pub’s Frog Town Wings as being one of the top 10 chicken wings the Twin Cities has to offer. Unfortunately, we decided to go with the standard Buffalo wings. They were nothing to write home about. Just standard fried wings tossed in a fairly mild buffalo sauce.  They were well made, served piping hot, and had a nice crisp to them. We all know there’s nothing worse than a soggy slimy chicken wing…Do you hear me pizza joints that deliver wings? Find a way to keep your wings crispy because wrapping them in foil and allowing then to steam into a soggy slimy mess is the worst possible way to deliver a wing!

Blue Door - The Humpty

Less than spectacular…that was my burger. Let be start by saying I have had The Blue Door Pub in the past and have had excellent luck with their Classic Juicy Lucy. There was a ton a cheese, the burger was rather large, and was served very hot. However, I cannot say the same thing about this trip. I ordered The Humpty Juicy Lucy, which is stuffed with Ellsworth cheese curds, and topped with Irish rashers and a slow poached egg.  If you’re unsure about Irish rashers, it is basically just round sliced breakfast bacon. Everything sounds great when you read it right? That’s what I thought to. But things went completely wrong from the start. Maybe I’m naive? Maybe I’m not the food sophisticate like some of you out there?  But when our server brought out my burger, she had me pull off the top bun, she then proceeded to peel the shell off of a slow poached egg, placed it on my burger and had me press my top bun on the egg until it exploded it’s golden goodness all over my burger. Still sounds good right? I was excited…then when I went to pick my burger up I felt it…ice cold yolk! Why in the world would anyone want ice cold refrigerator temp egg yolk all over their warm burger? I was grossed out thoroughly and took as much yolk off as I could before eating the rest of my burger. I was still disappointed because my burger that was supposed to be stuffed with Ellsworth cheese curds was anything but. I maybe got 3 bites of cheese throughout my entire burger, and the Irish rasher was basically a dried out piece of ham, leaving me extremely unsatisfied.

Even though The Humpty Lucy was a complete dud, the Blue Door Pub still tops my list as one of the best places to order a Juicy Lucy. They have a few over ambitious burger ideas that may sound great on paper but just don’t come together all that well. Stick with the classics, and I promise you’ll leave satisfied.
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Andale Taqueria y Mercado – Richfield, MN



A few years ago The Food Bros went to Mexico (yes that’s right, The Food Bros are international) and while wondering through the flea market in Cancun we happened upon a small courtyard with four plastic tables with mixed chairs around them and a hole in the wall that was serving tacos. So they have to be good right? Or was it just all the booze talking? Either way we sat down, ordered some tacos and I began a new love affair with authentic street tacos. No lettuce or sour cream, none of that crap just awesome meat with corn tortillas, onions and cilantro. Now back in the burbs of Minnesota there wasn’t a lot of options until the last couple years, now they are popping up everywhere and I love it. So when a friend of ours asked if we would hit up Andale Taqueria with him I was down like a clown Charlie Bauh… Charlie Braaaaa…. down like a clown Charlie Brown!


First I ordered an Al Pastor taco, it’s my favorite so I had to try one and it was awesome. If you have never had al pastor you need to try it. Its Mexican barbecued pork, marinated and cooked on a rotating spit (think gyro meat style). The corn tortillas were soft and flavorful, the onions and cilantro were fresh and not ridiculously overpowering and the meat tasted amazing. Putting the superb creamy avocado salsa on this made me go to my happy place Happy Gilmor style complete with a midget on a wooden horse, except the midget in mine was Tyrion Lannister handing me a Mexican glass bottle Coke(yes they have that too). Anyway……….. go get some now!


I also got a Carnitas en Adobo Burrito. Now if you think Chipotle’s burritos are absurdly large then don’t bother with a burrito here, they are HUGE, and I am a fat guy who has eaten two from the previously mentioned place before (hey it happens, it’s not a regular thing, stop judging) telling you this. Inside this behemoth was rice, sour cream, lettuce and cheese all wrapped in a flour tortilla. The carnitas en adobo was great; the adobo sauce added a smoky and slightly spicy flavor to the very moist and already delicious pulled pork. Now If I had my wits about me I would have asked for no lettuce but even that didn’t distract me from the awesomeness of this burrito.

The previously mentioned friend got a little more adventurous with his order than us as he went for some tripe and beef tongue tacos. He said both were just ok and I even tried a small piece of the tongue and it just tasted like cheap steak to me. Andale even opens at 7am, for someone who works grave shift and likes to eat normal food at 8am it’s an oasis in a land of fast food breakfast. The building is an old Embers that has a giant windows that let in a ton of light and they also have a nice little patio, not a place you would expect to get authentic Mexican street food, but that is exactly what you get and you should go right now, seriously stop reading, what more do you need? HUH? GO NOW!


Let me start by saying I LOVE  Andale Taqueria! However I do want to discuss what makes authentic Mexican cuisine “authentic” in my opinion? Is it the fresh ingredients and vegetables? Is it the hot peppers and salsas? How about the fresh tortillas? Sure it’s all of those things, but you can get all of those items and any old un-authentic Mexican restaurant in the cities. What you can’t get is what, in my opinion, truly makes “authentic” Mexican authentic and that is….drum roll please….cheap cuts of meat.  To me authentic Mexican food has to offer tripe, pork stomach, beef tongue, beef head etc, all which are available at Andale Taqueria. So if that sounds like your cup of tea you will love this place. And if you’re like me and can appreciate Mexican flavors without partaking in a make-out session with a cow, you will also find plenty to love at Andale Taqueria.

Al Ambres

I decided to go with the Alambres which is basically in layman’s terms a fajita mix topped with cheese and served on top of corn tortillas. This dish is meant to be eaten with a fork. You can make some tacos out the last few bites but mainly you will be eating fork to mouth.  I ordered the Hawaiian Alambres which is made with green and red bell peppers, onion, bacon, ham, pineapple, and al pastor meat covered with cheese and served on top of 5 corn tortillas. Al pastor meat is spit-grilled marinated pork that is carved off of the spit similar to gyro meat. My meal was served piping hot and all flavors were excellent. I can honestly say this made for one of the best meals I have had in a while. As good as some of the rest of the food looked I think I am going to have a hard time ordering something different next time.

Quick side note: Brad’s burrito in his opinion was very good. In my opinion looked very good. Their burritos are made with fresh ingredients, excellent rice, and plentiful meat and is probably better than Chipotle in every way. So if you live in Bloomington please just say “Suck it Chipotle!” and go to Andale Taqueria for your giant burrito fix. Those assholes at Chipotle fired hundreds of their Mexican workers in 2011 and replaced them with spoiled ear gauge wearing college douche bags that could care less about making decent food or providing any kind guest service. C’mon now with the douche bags! Ohhh-Waaa!

I highly recommend Andale Taqueria if you’re in the mood for fresh, fast, and reasonably priced Mexican food. They do have a Mercado right next door so you can even do some grocery shopping if you liked any of the ingredients you tried during your meal. The bakery smelled wonderful, however the meat counter on the other hand well let’s just say…I’ll stick to Cub.
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Lions Tap – Eden Prairie, MN

Lions Tap - Exterior


When you talk about the best burgers in the Twin Cities you will often hear about Matt’s, The Nook, The 5-8 Club, even the Bulldog and Blue Door Pub. What seems to be off of a lot of lists is Lions Tap. I know it’s been given it’s just do in the past but it seems lately most publications are hitching their wagon to funkier more pretentious burger joints as of late. Maybe it’s their lack of burger options? Maybe it’s their out of the way location? Maybe they don’t offer, what seems to be a Twin Cities must have, a Juicy Lucy? Whatever the reason there are a few of us food lovers who recognize Lions Tap as being one of the best burger joints around.

The Lions Tap uses 80/20 beef in their burgers.  Which means it is 80% lean with 20% fat. The high fat content makes for some of the greasiest yet tastiest burgers around.  And to be honest even though I was told 80/20, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 75/25 because these burgers ooze fat like no other, and that’s okay with me. They season their burgers with the “Lions Tap Famous Seasoning” which you can purchase if you like. I have never bought any, afraid that if it makes my homemade burgers taste just as good I will soon be on the TV show ,Help Save My One Ton Son, which would only be cool if Richard Simmons came to my house and I could bury my head into his super fluffy hair a weep about my hugeness.  I’m not gay, but touching Richard Simmon’s hair is on my life’s to-do list. That and holding a baby monkey.

Lions Tap - Brandon

Back on topic…I went with the double bacon cheese burger. Lions Tap cooks all of their burgers to medium (pink in the center) unless told otherwise. The bacon, American cheese, famous seasoning, and high fat content all come together to form one of the best burgers I have ever tasted. It is extremely salty and if you’re anything like me, that’s a good thing.  The fries are crinkle cut and barely worth mentioning. Do yourself a favor and just get another burger and leave the fries for the kiddies to fill up on.

Overall, Lions Tap serves one hell of a good burger…and that’s the bottom line because the Food Bros said so! *Stone Cold Steve Austin Voice

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


The Food Bros have been going to Lions Tap for a long time for its great no-nonsense juicy burgers and it seems whenever I bring it up in a conversation with people, they either love it or hate it. Even before I wrote this I went on and looked at other peoples reviews and I am stunned by all the hate. So what is it people? They don’t have brie or a soft boiled egg with foie gras and crème fraiche? Is that it? Do you really need all that crap to ever enjoy a burger? I sure don’t, I want to taste beef, fresh ground juicy damn beef. Who’s with me?

Lions Tap - Brad

Don’t get me wrong I have tried and enjoyed many different types of burgers but what is wrong with the basics especially when they are done so right as Lions Tap has done for years. I always get a double cheese burger with fried onions. Sure its $7 but where can you really go now and get a quality burger for less anymore? Sorry people but prices go up, try going and buy a pound of beef anymore for less than $4 or $5 if you can it’s probably old and I wouldn’t want to eat it. I thoroughly enjoy my burger here each and every time; its juicy, cooked perfectly medium, the seasoning is amazing, the cheese is melty and plentiful and the onions are fried perfectly. C’mon now people what is wrong with you that you can’t enjoy this?

Ok I admit the fries here are nothing but a distraction or just can be used to catch all the juicy goodness leaving your burger as you eat but they don’t bother me at all. After we were done eating we noticed the have their own beers now also, a little checking found they are brewed in Minnesota by Cold Spring Brewery just for them, so next time I will definitely be trying one out.

Lions Tap holds a spot in my top burgers and I don’t see it leaving anytime soon. So get over all the hate and pretentiousness going on right now and just go enjoy a great damn burger.
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Ward 6 – St Paul, MN

Ward 6 - Exterior


The buzz for Ward 6 Food & Drink in St. Paul is so loud it could be heard from Shakopee. It seems now every publication I look at is giving Ward 6 great reviews. That being said, MN Food Bros needed to jump on in. Only we don’t just jump in…we jump in Double Dutch style…Brad does the worm…ropes keeps spinning…I do the running man…ropes keep spinning…we end with both of us doing the splits, out of breath, basking in applause, as Marky Mark finishes rapping the final lyrics to Good Vibrations! Yup, that’s pretty much how we do things.

Ward 6 - Strawberry Dreamshake

I made the mistake of ordering my adult milkshake before my meal. I know myself and even hesitated for a second before ordering. Needless to say, there wasn’t a drop left by the time my food came. I ordered the Strawberry Dreamshake which is made with amaretto and strawberries. It was excellent! I’m not one who likes very strong drinks so this was perfect for me. It was creamy with only a hint of amaretto.  I did take a sip of Brad’s Sour Sophie which was in the same realm as mine when it comes to strength and flavor.

Ward 6 - Poutine

Initially, I had planned to order some of Ward 6’s meatballs. They have a new meatball each day and I was hoping for something that sounded good. Unfortunately the meatballs for the day were Turkey and tomato. I hope you don’t even have to ask why I didn’t order them.  We decided to start with the poutine instead. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s basically french fries topped with cheese curds, and gravy. I guess it’s pretty common in Canada. The poutine at Ward 6 has large chunks of sausage in their gravy which I could have done without. It did something with the texture that creeped me out a bit. Either way, it was still very good and would be perfect with an ice cold local brew.

Ward 6 - Reuben

Next I ordered the Ward 6 Reuben, made with house-cured corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and their take on thousand island which they call 10,000 lake dressing. This sandwich is something many people have recommended and they were all right. This ranks as one of the better Reuben sandwiches I have ever had. The sauerkraut was pretty standard and did a great job of staying tart without overpowering the meat. The 10,000 lake dressing was outstanding. It was sweet and tart at the same time and complemented the corned beef very well. The corned beef itself was perfect. Sure I’ve had larger portions on sandwiches before but the quality and flavor of this beef makes up for any lack of quantity. When I make it back around this way I will definitely be ordering the Ward 6 Reuben again!

Overall Ward 6 is the perfect place to grab some high quality pub food along with your favorite local brews. The mirror and oak bar that was built over 100 years ago is stunning. Even if you don’t get seated near it, make sure you walk over and take a look. Without a doubt I will be back, and next time I’m doing some drinking. Who’s coming with me?

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.

Ward 6 - Special Chalk Board


I really knew nothing about Ward 6 before Brandon suggested it and I am so glad he did. The building and the beautiful bar are both over 100 years old. They only serve Minnesota made beer and have over 20 on tap, there is even a Hamm’s bear logo on the floor boards from when they owned the building. There is only about 50 seats so if you’re going a peak times you may have to wait a bit but its worth it, where else can you get beer and pie?

We went with the poutine to begin with, yep you read that right we didn’t get buffalo wings. Ward 6’s fries are awesome; they are hand cut skin on and cook perfectly crispy on the outside. The sausage gravy on top tasted great and had big chunks of equally tasty sausage in it. I didn’t get many cheese curds to speak of (maybe Brandon took all of them) and would like to have had more.

Ward 6 - Sour Sophie

I also got an “adult” milkshake, mine was the Sour Sophie: Absolut Vanilla and sour cherry syrup, with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. These are great and I could get into trouble drinking theses. I didn’t taste the alcohol up front but got enough of the vodka after taste to know it was there. This did not last very long at all.

Ward 6 - Fish n Chips

After an epic battle inside my head and stomach over ordering the Fish and Chips or the Fatty Melt(burger with grilled cheese for buns), I went with the Fish and Chips. Wow this was great, the fish was perfectly done; very crispy on the outside and flakey yet firm inside. Instead of normal tartar sauce it comes with malt vinegar mayo, which if you love malt vinegar like I do is great. The fries were the same they used on their poutine and were still just as excellent.

Ward 6 is a great neighborhood bar with great pub style food and all the servers were knowledgeable and friendly. I wish this was in my neighborhood (the upstairs is a studio apartment so maybe…..)  but I will be back regardless.
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Hello Pizza – Edina, MN

Hello Pizza - ExteriorBrandon:

Hello Pizza is the sister restaurant to Pizzeria Lola, so our expectations going in were extremely high.  Pizzeria Lola is more of a sit down style restaurant, while Hello Pizza serves as a quick pick up and go slice shop. You can order a whole pizza if you want, but I bet you feel like a jerk during a busy rush when you and your family are taking up a huge section of their cafeteria style tables. I have to admit back in school I would walk around trying to finish kid’s unwanted food on their trays…and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the need to casually stroll around Hello Pizza and finish a crust or two.

Hello Pizza - Hello Rita

The first slice that I tried was the Hello Rita. Surprisingly, even to me, it ended up being my favorite. The Hello Rita is a classic Margherita. Made with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil, garlic, basil, and oregano this Margherita is as refreshing as they come. I have never described a pizza as being refreshing before and I feel like a bit of a girl doing so, but it truly was. It was light yet full of flavor. Not to mention the dough they use for the crust is so chewy and wonderful; it could almost be eaten with nothing on it.

The next slice was pepperoni. The pepperoni pizza at Hello Pizza is first-rate! They use small natural casing pepperoni, that form into cute little cups when they heat up…Oh no…Did I just say “cute little cups”? Go ahead and take my man card away for the day, because this place has me giddy as a little girl. I have had the pepperoni pizza from the sister restaurant once before and this is almost exactly the same. The only noticeable difference is the wood fired pizza oven at Lola gives their crust slightly crispier texture with a bit of a charred flavor.

Hello Pizza - Sub

Old Skool Balls. No, I’m not talking about the original name for the Food Bros website. That‘s the name of the meatball sub that Brad and I split. It was an excellent sub that was manageable in size, but big on flavor.  The bread they use was quality and had a nice crusty crunch to it. Although this sandwich was good, I am going to stick with the pizza from now on…but I mean hey if you’re not going to eat all of yours……?

Overall, Hello Pizza is a great new addition to the Twin Cities Pizza scene.  We will definitely be back soon and maybe next time the Food Bros will partake in an awesome photo session in their retro photo booth. Hopefully I won’t be giddy anymore. I don’t need the world seeing me with my perky nipples and pigtails in my hair. BTW I love this photo that they have on a door just outside of the restrooms. I can hear Lionel singing it now…

Hello Pizza - Lionel Richie

Hello… Is it pizza you’re looking for…I can see it in your eyes….I can see it in your smile…It’s all you’ve ever wanted….I hope your mouth is open wide….

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


Just before we started this site we went to Pizzeria Lola and found a great new pizza place that can compete for a place in my personal Top 5 pizza joints, now the same owner has opened Hello Pizza not even 2 miles away(yes I checked its 1.9 miles). At Hello Pizza the itself pizza is close to the same with excellent crust, sauce and toppings and you can buy it by the slice as there are 6 different types (5 regulars that are all basic and 1 daily special) to choose from. Now I’m not here for the décor I am here to eat some damn pizza but a giant Lionel Richie staring at me the whole time was a little different, it was remarked later that it looked like we were in a tiny house with him peeking in through the door watching us, whispering things….

Hello Pizza - Special Pizza

The first thing I tried was the special of the day, the New Yorker; sausage, peppers, onions, mozzarella, ricotta and provolone cheeses. Everything worked great together to make a very good pizza that I would have again, the only reason I can’t say it was amazing is the sausage was sliced thin and I just really wanted more of it on the pizza. This is the first time I have tried ricotta cheese on a pizza and I loved it and will be sure to try it more.

Hello Pizza - Pepperoni

Next was the Pepperoni, I remember as a kid one of the frozen pizzas we would have had small pepperonis that would crisp up when baked and for the last week I have been asking coworkers, friends and some guy at a hardware store if they could remember which brand it was and pretty much all I have gotten is laughed at and told the store is closed and I need to leave before they call the police. Anyway, Hello’s pepperoni crisp up great and taste amazing, making this one of my favorite pepperoni pizzas ever.

Lastly we split a meatball sub they call “Old School Balls”, if you can order that without giggling you are more mature than either one of us. The meatballs were super tender and flavorful and the bread was awesome. Definitely a winner.

Hello Pizza - Pizzas

The service was quick and very helpful with anything we asked. The “not paper” plates are kinda cool. Don’t get me wrong I think this is a good pizza place but what is stopping me from saying its great is the limited options of slices. We will definitely be back anyway but I would love to see some more of their inventive pizza be offered, maybe 2 daily specials, just saying…
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Rooster’s BBQ Deli – St Paul, MN

Roosters BBQ - Exterior


A friend who is a fellow barbeque lover has been suggesting Rooster’s to me for a while now, being closed on Mondays didn’t make it convenient for us before but we should not have waited so long to try it. This is a quintessential hole in the wall BBQ joint; it just smells like smoke and BBQ, it only has a couple tables and there’s an old table top arcade game that doesn’t work. Which gave me flashbacks of being a little kid and going to the Pizza Hut in Apple Valley and playing the one they had there, damn I loved that machine but It was unrequited love as all it did was take my money and the damn ghosts laughed as I died over and over again, but I will have my revenge one day in this life or the next (maniacal laugh)!

Roosters BBQ - Chicken

Roosters BBQ - Fries Slaw

Normally I would try the ribs or some pulled pork the first time I visit a BBQ place but at my friends suggestion (and by the way I don’t get it and it piss me off is when a person will ask me for a recommendation of what to eat at a certain place and then said person goes and orders something completely different and come back to me and tries to say the place sucked, IF YOU ARNT GONNA LISTEN THEN DON’T ASK DAMN IT!) I order the 1/2 Barbecue Chicken Dinner, this is 4 pieces of smoked chicken with fries, coleslaw and a roll. Damn she was right the chicken is great; it was juicy, smoky and so flavorful it almost didn’t need their great tasting sauce you get on the side. Whatever the seasoning mix was rubbed on this chicken is I need more of it like a junky needs a fix. The fries and the roll were just ok but the coleslaw was very good, almost KFC like in flavor and cut of the cabbage. You get alot of quality food for the money here. The pulled pork also tasted just as great as the chicken and the fried chicken looked so good I would have taken a bucket to go if I was going directly home but after thinking about a car that smells like fried chicken would be awesome and also a form of torture at the same time I did not.

I am kind of ashamed it took us this long to try Rooster’s but it definitely won’t be long before I go back and try their ribs and/or fried chicken, both which looked great. I am so glad that good BBQ is becoming more common in Minnesota and hope it only continues.

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


Roosters BBQ Deli has been in business in St. Paul for 25 years, which tells me they most definitely are doing something right. The tiny interior could barely fit the Food Bros but we managed. As soon as we got out of the truck we could smell the goodness awaiting our arrival. The smell fills the neighborhood so well that if I lived in the immediate vicinity, my Underoos would be purchased in XXXL. You don’t want to picture my ass growing so fast that I would need huge parachute underwear? Fine…I would gain some weight. Is that better?

Roosters BBQ - BBQ Pork Sandwich

I ordered the Large BBQ pork sandwich special which comes with fries and coleslaw. If you are a loyal reader of this site you know my opinion on fries. But if you’re new around here let me fill you in. Fries are nothing but filler. A fry can only be so good and even the best are just fried potatoes that are meant to fill your stomach and detract from you actual meal. Sort of like the “free” bread you get when you go to a fancy restaurant. They only put it out there to fill your stomach because they know their lobster tail is only 3.5oz and their fillet mignon is even less than that. All that being said… I’m not a lunatic and will devour some fries if they are served to me. The fries served at Roosters are nothing special and if you can help it and you have the extra couple of bucks, order another sandwich or maybe a different side with your meal. The coleslaw was just okay. It wasn’t as creamy as I like but it had that nice mix of sweet and tang to satisfy me. The Large BBQ sandwich was delicious. The “Large” most definitely was a large which is excellent. I had to eat some with a fork and two hand the rest of it. The meat was tender and very smoky which is just about all I ask for from BBQ. The mild sauce was complimenting and not overpowering.  It was fairly sweet and went well with the pork.  The large BBQ pork sandwich ranks as one of the best BBQ sandwiches I have ever had. You hear that Arthur Bryant’s of Kansas City!?! Minnesota is creeping up on you in the BBQ game…Not really, but this sandwich certainly is.

Overall, I feel like we didn’t give Roosters a fair shake. Even though I absolutely loved my sandwich, I find it crazy that neither of us ordered ribs or brisket. And everyone knows you can’t truly review a BBQ place without trying the ribs. As bad as I want to label Roosters BBQ one of the best in the cities, it will have to wait…There is a bit more Food Bro research to be done first (sides, ribs, etc).
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Cuzzy’s Brick House – Chaska, MN

Cuzzys - Exterior


You know how when you shop at a different grocery store than you’re used to and everything seems backwards, and it almost feels like a dream? That’s what Cuzzy’s felt like for me. There was no sign on the building saying “wonderful and actually pretty nice bar and restaurant inside”. I felt like I walked into an abandoned building only to find it having pretty cool restaurant inside. Remember on Seinfeld when George went to the meatpacking facility but in the back was a fancy night club but later on when they returned it was back to being just a meatpacking place? That’s the feeling that has stuck with me about Cuzzy’s.

Cuzzys - Wings

We started first with an order of buffalo wings. What’s new right? I know we should change it up sometimes but heck we like wings and you don’t find the good ones with out regularly ordering them. The wings at Cuzzy’s are standard fried wings with a fairly mild buffalo sauce. The blue cheese was nice and chunky which is a plus. At $10 for an order of 12, I will probably not order these wings again. They have a rather large menu with plenty of other appetizer options that seem worth trying.

Cuzzys - Pizza

I have read a lot of good things about Cuzzy’s Wood Fire Pizzas. Even though their menu is large with a ton of range I decided to go with a pepperoni pizza. They only have one size, it’s seems to me about a 10 inch pizza, slightly larger than a personal pan but definitely not big enough for two people. They use high quality pepperoni, cheese and their crust has a nice chew to it. The only pizza that I can compare it to is Black Sheep or Pizzeria Lola. The oven is so hot that you get the nice chewy crust on the inside and a blackened almost burned taste on the outside. But don’t get it confused, this pizza although similar to those places it is not on par with those places. Where Cuzzy’s goes wrong seems a bit cliché but …less is more. If they were stick with quality meat, cheese, and, dough and let their oven do the rest they could easily be a top notch pizza place. Instead they cover the top of you pizza with a seasoning, giving the pizza an almost bitter quality. Listen, if I want parmesan I will add parmesan. If I want peppers I will add peppers. If I want olive oil, I will add olive oil. Cuzzy’s pizza was close to being great, but came up short.

Overall, I was disappointed with my pizza but I am still optimistic about Cuzzy’s itself. I’m very curious about the rest of their menu and hopefully with be more satisfied with my next meal. Their bar area looks pretty nice, maybe I’ll go to Cuzzy’s for a night of drinking. Who’s coming with me?

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


Since we have started this site we have received recommendations from a lot of people we know and from this site itself, so many that I have started keeping a list and I have around 40 restaurants on it. Not saying we don’t want to receive more, that’s one of my favorite things about doing this site as I love hearing about places I have never been to, just explaining that we are trying to go to these places it may take a while. So at the suggestion of Father of Five we hit up Cuzzy’s Brick House in Chaska, which we almost didn’t find due to a GPS that thinks it’s funny to send us to the complete other side of town and the fact they have no sign on the actual building. We would not have known we were at the right place if we hadn’t seen someone else’s pic online, just a suggestion but you need a sign on the building or something.

For the most part Cuzzy’s just seems like a normal bar and grill but they do have a few different items on their menu that may raise an eyebrow. If you have ever read any of our reviews before you know we love buffalo wings and so that is of course what we had to try first. We got 12 good sized wings, celery and some blue cheese that while it had a lot of chunks of cheese was still thin and didn’t have much taste. The wings themselves we standard buffalo flavor and I would consider them medium heat, these were good but nothing mind blowing here but I would order these again.

Cuzzys - Roastbeef

A couple things caught my eye while looking at the menu (should have tried the Braised Beef Ravioli)  and I ended up ordering the Brick House Beef sandwich. Its listed as “Sliced tender roast beef with our crispy onions and horsey sauce on a grilled pretzel bun.” The roast beef was just ok; it could have been more tender and didn’t have much flavor on its own. Everything else on the sandwich was good but it was missing something, like it needed another sauce to add some more flavor. I have to admit for $12.99 I was expecting more from this sandwich.

Cuzzy’s is big and the kitchen and dining room are open making it seem even larger. The bar looks nice and has plenty of TVs, this would be a nice place to watch a game and have some beers and apps. And while we received excellent service from everyone there, I can’t really recommend going out of your way to go to Cuzzy’s after our visit but there they do some things well enough and they do have some interesting things on their menu that I will be back at some point to try something else.
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