About us

Around June 2012 we noticed there really wasn’t a website or blog dedicated to food in the Twin Cities area for your everyday food lover, so we decided to do one ourselves. We don’t categorize our selves as foodies, critics or uptight douches. Although Brandon is known be a douche at times. And no we dont have any sort of training or food certification. We are just a couple of guys who live in the Twin Cities area who just really like food.

This site is about good local food, while we both go to fast food joints (we are both admitted Taco Bell junkies)  and some large national chain restaurants, that’s not normally what we are going to review. Thats not to say we never will if we think a place warrants it, but who around here needs a review of Applebees?

We pay for our own meals and never identify ourselves as reviewers. Not saying two fat guys would ever turn down free food (wink, wink!). All pictures are taken by us and content cannot be used without permission.


3 Responses to About us

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like the new logo!!!!!

  2. Mark, Eden Prairie says:

    Great Website. I read your Panino’s review, and it was 100% true. The buffalo chicken panino was out of this world good, and very sizable. For $9, it was a stellar deal. Slower service, but good. Can’t wait to try some of the wing review places you tried. Please review the best BBQ place in the cities. I too was not fully sold by Baker’s ribs. I guess there is a place over on Snelling/University that is a top 3 in the cities…

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