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While this wasn’t our first time trying The Blue Door it was however the first time we have gone to the Minneapolis location which opened back in January. If you have been to the St. Paul location you know how small it is and how crowded it can get, so if you don’t want some guy who is waiting for a table staring at you as you eat and when he isn’t staring at you his butt is in your face I would highly suggest going to the new one, it’s very spacious and open. We arrived right at the start of 2pm happy hour and our server was very informative and helpful with the options that entailed.

Of course the Food Bros had to have buffalo wings, right? I mean come on who doesn’t love beer, wings and burgers? The wings were a good size and well cooked. The sauce tasted great but I would have like a bit more heat from these, I would say they were a low end medium. Also no watered down flavorless blue cheese here, it actual was tasty and had nice chunks of blue cheese in it.

Blue Door Pastramilicious

Now on to the burgers, I ordered the Pastramilicious; this pepper jack stuffed burger comes with a good amount of pastrami, cream cheese and pickles.  Never having cream cheese on a burger this intrigued me. While I liked the combo of pastrami, cream cheese and pickles the cheese inside the burger was somewhat lacking and a bit more spice (from more cheese?) would have helped cut some of the sweetness from the cream cheese. I felt like the burger itself was an afterthought with all the stuff they put on it, which is sad because they make really good burgers here.  I probably will not order this burger again but lets move on to their fries. I love fresh-cut, skin on, crispy fries and in that they were perfect. Some of my favorite fries ever, now they just need to offer these as chili-cheese fries and I will be in heaven.


Overall they make good burgers, fries and wings at The Blue Door, I like the building and it’s in a nice location. If I live in the neighborhood I would proudly call myself a regular.


There is Matt’s Bar and then there is everyone else when it comes to Twin Cities Juicy Lucy’s. The Blue Door is somewhere near or maybe even on top of the “everyone else” list. With their newly opened Minneapolis location in the Longfellow neighborhood, The Blue Door continues to showcase the Twin Cities staple the “Juicy Lucy”.  They offer 11 Lucy’s at their new Minneapolis location. Some are winners and some are less than spectacular… continue reading for my explanation.

Blue Door Wings

We first started out with an order of Buffalo wings. I had previously read an article naming The Blue Door Pub’s Frog Town Wings as being one of the top 10 chicken wings the Twin Cities has to offer. Unfortunately, we decided to go with the standard Buffalo wings. They were nothing to write home about. Just standard fried wings tossed in a fairly mild buffalo sauce.  They were well made, served piping hot, and had a nice crisp to them. We all know there’s nothing worse than a soggy slimy chicken wing…Do you hear me pizza joints that deliver wings? Find a way to keep your wings crispy because wrapping them in foil and allowing then to steam into a soggy slimy mess is the worst possible way to deliver a wing!

Blue Door - The Humpty

Less than spectacular…that was my burger. Let be start by saying I have had The Blue Door Pub in the past and have had excellent luck with their Classic Juicy Lucy. There was a ton a cheese, the burger was rather large, and was served very hot. However, I cannot say the same thing about this trip. I ordered The Humpty Juicy Lucy, which is stuffed with Ellsworth cheese curds, and topped with Irish rashers and a slow poached egg.  If you’re unsure about Irish rashers, it is basically just round sliced breakfast bacon. Everything sounds great when you read it right? That’s what I thought to. But things went completely wrong from the start. Maybe I’m naive? Maybe I’m not the food sophisticate like some of you out there?  But when our server brought out my burger, she had me pull off the top bun, she then proceeded to peel the shell off of a slow poached egg, placed it on my burger and had me press my top bun on the egg until it exploded it’s golden goodness all over my burger. Still sounds good right? I was excited…then when I went to pick my burger up I felt it…ice cold yolk! Why in the world would anyone want ice cold refrigerator temp egg yolk all over their warm burger? I was grossed out thoroughly and took as much yolk off as I could before eating the rest of my burger. I was still disappointed because my burger that was supposed to be stuffed with Ellsworth cheese curds was anything but. I maybe got 3 bites of cheese throughout my entire burger, and the Irish rasher was basically a dried out piece of ham, leaving me extremely unsatisfied.

Even though The Humpty Lucy was a complete dud, the Blue Door Pub still tops my list as one of the best places to order a Juicy Lucy. They have a few over ambitious burger ideas that may sound great on paper but just don’t come together all that well. Stick with the classics, and I promise you’ll leave satisfied.
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