Hello Pizza – Edina, MN

Hello Pizza - ExteriorBrandon:

Hello Pizza is the sister restaurant to Pizzeria Lola, so our expectations going in were extremely high.  Pizzeria Lola is more of a sit down style restaurant, while Hello Pizza serves as a quick pick up and go slice shop. You can order a whole pizza if you want, but I bet you feel like a jerk during a busy rush when you and your family are taking up a huge section of their cafeteria style tables. I have to admit back in school I would walk around trying to finish kid’s unwanted food on their trays…and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the need to casually stroll around Hello Pizza and finish a crust or two.

Hello Pizza - Hello Rita

The first slice that I tried was the Hello Rita. Surprisingly, even to me, it ended up being my favorite. The Hello Rita is a classic Margherita. Made with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil, garlic, basil, and oregano this Margherita is as refreshing as they come. I have never described a pizza as being refreshing before and I feel like a bit of a girl doing so, but it truly was. It was light yet full of flavor. Not to mention the dough they use for the crust is so chewy and wonderful; it could almost be eaten with nothing on it.

The next slice was pepperoni. The pepperoni pizza at Hello Pizza is first-rate! They use small natural casing pepperoni, that form into cute little cups when they heat up…Oh no…Did I just say “cute little cups”? Go ahead and take my man card away for the day, because this place has me giddy as a little girl. I have had the pepperoni pizza from the sister restaurant once before and this is almost exactly the same. The only noticeable difference is the wood fired pizza oven at Lola gives their crust slightly crispier texture with a bit of a charred flavor.

Hello Pizza - Sub

Old Skool Balls. No, I’m not talking about the original name for the Food Bros website. That‘s the name of the meatball sub that Brad and I split. It was an excellent sub that was manageable in size, but big on flavor.  The bread they use was quality and had a nice crusty crunch to it. Although this sandwich was good, I am going to stick with the pizza from now on…but I mean hey if you’re not going to eat all of yours……?

Overall, Hello Pizza is a great new addition to the Twin Cities Pizza scene.  We will definitely be back soon and maybe next time the Food Bros will partake in an awesome photo session in their retro photo booth. Hopefully I won’t be giddy anymore. I don’t need the world seeing me with my perky nipples and pigtails in my hair. BTW I love this photo that they have on a door just outside of the restrooms. I can hear Lionel singing it now…

Hello Pizza - Lionel Richie

Hello… Is it pizza you’re looking for…I can see it in your eyes….I can see it in your smile…It’s all you’ve ever wanted….I hope your mouth is open wide….

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


Just before we started this site we went to Pizzeria Lola and found a great new pizza place that can compete for a place in my personal Top 5 pizza joints, now the same owner has opened Hello Pizza not even 2 miles away(yes I checked its 1.9 miles). At Hello Pizza the itself pizza is close to the same with excellent crust, sauce and toppings and you can buy it by the slice as there are 6 different types (5 regulars that are all basic and 1 daily special) to choose from. Now I’m not here for the décor I am here to eat some damn pizza but a giant Lionel Richie staring at me the whole time was a little different, it was remarked later that it looked like we were in a tiny house with him peeking in through the door watching us, whispering things….

Hello Pizza - Special Pizza

The first thing I tried was the special of the day, the New Yorker; sausage, peppers, onions, mozzarella, ricotta and provolone cheeses. Everything worked great together to make a very good pizza that I would have again, the only reason I can’t say it was amazing is the sausage was sliced thin and I just really wanted more of it on the pizza. This is the first time I have tried ricotta cheese on a pizza and I loved it and will be sure to try it more.

Hello Pizza - Pepperoni

Next was the Pepperoni, I remember as a kid one of the frozen pizzas we would have had small pepperonis that would crisp up when baked and for the last week I have been asking coworkers, friends and some guy at a hardware store if they could remember which brand it was and pretty much all I have gotten is laughed at and told the store is closed and I need to leave before they call the police. Anyway, Hello’s pepperoni crisp up great and taste amazing, making this one of my favorite pepperoni pizzas ever.

Lastly we split a meatball sub they call “Old School Balls”, if you can order that without giggling you are more mature than either one of us. The meatballs were super tender and flavorful and the bread was awesome. Definitely a winner.

Hello Pizza - Pizzas

The service was quick and very helpful with anything we asked. The “not paper” plates are kinda cool. Don’t get me wrong I think this is a good pizza place but what is stopping me from saying its great is the limited options of slices. We will definitely be back anyway but I would love to see some more of their inventive pizza be offered, maybe 2 daily specials, just saying…

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