Rooster’s BBQ Deli – St Paul, MN

Roosters BBQ - Exterior


A friend who is a fellow barbeque lover has been suggesting Rooster’s to me for a while now, being closed on Mondays didn’t make it convenient for us before but we should not have waited so long to try it. This is a quintessential hole in the wall BBQ joint; it just smells like smoke and BBQ, it only has a couple tables and there’s an old table top arcade game that doesn’t work. Which gave me flashbacks of being a little kid and going to the Pizza Hut in Apple Valley and playing the one they had there, damn I loved that machine but It was unrequited love as all it did was take my money and the damn ghosts laughed as I died over and over again, but I will have my revenge one day in this life or the next (maniacal laugh)!

Roosters BBQ - Chicken

Roosters BBQ - Fries Slaw

Normally I would try the ribs or some pulled pork the first time I visit a BBQ place but at my friends suggestion (and by the way I don’t get it and it piss me off is when a person will ask me for a recommendation of what to eat at a certain place and then said person goes and orders something completely different and come back to me and tries to say the place sucked, IF YOU ARNT GONNA LISTEN THEN DON’T ASK DAMN IT!) I order the 1/2 Barbecue Chicken Dinner, this is 4 pieces of smoked chicken with fries, coleslaw and a roll. Damn she was right the chicken is great; it was juicy, smoky and so flavorful it almost didn’t need their great tasting sauce you get on the side. Whatever the seasoning mix was rubbed on this chicken is I need more of it like a junky needs a fix. The fries and the roll were just ok but the coleslaw was very good, almost KFC like in flavor and cut of the cabbage. You get alot of quality food for the money here. The pulled pork also tasted just as great as the chicken and the fried chicken looked so good I would have taken a bucket to go if I was going directly home but after thinking about a car that smells like fried chicken would be awesome and also a form of torture at the same time I did not.

I am kind of ashamed it took us this long to try Rooster’s but it definitely won’t be long before I go back and try their ribs and/or fried chicken, both which looked great. I am so glad that good BBQ is becoming more common in Minnesota and hope it only continues.

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


Roosters BBQ Deli has been in business in St. Paul for 25 years, which tells me they most definitely are doing something right. The tiny interior could barely fit the Food Bros but we managed. As soon as we got out of the truck we could smell the goodness awaiting our arrival. The smell fills the neighborhood so well that if I lived in the immediate vicinity, my Underoos would be purchased in XXXL. You don’t want to picture my ass growing so fast that I would need huge parachute underwear? Fine…I would gain some weight. Is that better?

Roosters BBQ - BBQ Pork Sandwich

I ordered the Large BBQ pork sandwich special which comes with fries and coleslaw. If you are a loyal reader of this site you know my opinion on fries. But if you’re new around here let me fill you in. Fries are nothing but filler. A fry can only be so good and even the best are just fried potatoes that are meant to fill your stomach and detract from you actual meal. Sort of like the “free” bread you get when you go to a fancy restaurant. They only put it out there to fill your stomach because they know their lobster tail is only 3.5oz and their fillet mignon is even less than that. All that being said… I’m not a lunatic and will devour some fries if they are served to me. The fries served at Roosters are nothing special and if you can help it and you have the extra couple of bucks, order another sandwich or maybe a different side with your meal. The coleslaw was just okay. It wasn’t as creamy as I like but it had that nice mix of sweet and tang to satisfy me. The Large BBQ sandwich was delicious. The “Large” most definitely was a large which is excellent. I had to eat some with a fork and two hand the rest of it. The meat was tender and very smoky which is just about all I ask for from BBQ. The mild sauce was complimenting and not overpowering.  It was fairly sweet and went well with the pork.  The large BBQ pork sandwich ranks as one of the best BBQ sandwiches I have ever had. You hear that Arthur Bryant’s of Kansas City!?! Minnesota is creeping up on you in the BBQ game…Not really, but this sandwich certainly is.

Overall, I feel like we didn’t give Roosters a fair shake. Even though I absolutely loved my sandwich, I find it crazy that neither of us ordered ribs or brisket. And everyone knows you can’t truly review a BBQ place without trying the ribs. As bad as I want to label Roosters BBQ one of the best in the cities, it will have to wait…There is a bit more Food Bro research to be done first (sides, ribs, etc).
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