Cuzzy’s Brick House – Chaska, MN

Cuzzys - Exterior


You know how when you shop at a different grocery store than you’re used to and everything seems backwards, and it almost feels like a dream? That’s what Cuzzy’s felt like for me. There was no sign on the building saying “wonderful and actually pretty nice bar and restaurant inside”. I felt like I walked into an abandoned building only to find it having pretty cool restaurant inside. Remember on Seinfeld when George went to the meatpacking facility but in the back was a fancy night club but later on when they returned it was back to being just a meatpacking place? That’s the feeling that has stuck with me about Cuzzy’s.

Cuzzys - Wings

We started first with an order of buffalo wings. What’s new right? I know we should change it up sometimes but heck we like wings and you don’t find the good ones with out regularly ordering them. The wings at Cuzzy’s are standard fried wings with a fairly mild buffalo sauce. The blue cheese was nice and chunky which is a plus. At $10 for an order of 12, I will probably not order these wings again. They have a rather large menu with plenty of other appetizer options that seem worth trying.

Cuzzys - Pizza

I have read a lot of good things about Cuzzy’s Wood Fire Pizzas. Even though their menu is large with a ton of range I decided to go with a pepperoni pizza. They only have one size, it’s seems to me about a 10 inch pizza, slightly larger than a personal pan but definitely not big enough for two people. They use high quality pepperoni, cheese and their crust has a nice chew to it. The only pizza that I can compare it to is Black Sheep or Pizzeria Lola. The oven is so hot that you get the nice chewy crust on the inside and a blackened almost burned taste on the outside. But don’t get it confused, this pizza although similar to those places it is not on par with those places. Where Cuzzy’s goes wrong seems a bit cliché but …less is more. If they were stick with quality meat, cheese, and, dough and let their oven do the rest they could easily be a top notch pizza place. Instead they cover the top of you pizza with a seasoning, giving the pizza an almost bitter quality. Listen, if I want parmesan I will add parmesan. If I want peppers I will add peppers. If I want olive oil, I will add olive oil. Cuzzy’s pizza was close to being great, but came up short.

Overall, I was disappointed with my pizza but I am still optimistic about Cuzzy’s itself. I’m very curious about the rest of their menu and hopefully with be more satisfied with my next meal. Their bar area looks pretty nice, maybe I’ll go to Cuzzy’s for a night of drinking. Who’s coming with me?

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


Since we have started this site we have received recommendations from a lot of people we know and from this site itself, so many that I have started keeping a list and I have around 40 restaurants on it. Not saying we don’t want to receive more, that’s one of my favorite things about doing this site as I love hearing about places I have never been to, just explaining that we are trying to go to these places it may take a while. So at the suggestion of Father of Five we hit up Cuzzy’s Brick House in Chaska, which we almost didn’t find due to a GPS that thinks it’s funny to send us to the complete other side of town and the fact they have no sign on the actual building. We would not have known we were at the right place if we hadn’t seen someone else’s pic online, just a suggestion but you need a sign on the building or something.

For the most part Cuzzy’s just seems like a normal bar and grill but they do have a few different items on their menu that may raise an eyebrow. If you have ever read any of our reviews before you know we love buffalo wings and so that is of course what we had to try first. We got 12 good sized wings, celery and some blue cheese that while it had a lot of chunks of cheese was still thin and didn’t have much taste. The wings themselves we standard buffalo flavor and I would consider them medium heat, these were good but nothing mind blowing here but I would order these again.

Cuzzys - Roastbeef

A couple things caught my eye while looking at the menu (should have tried the Braised Beef Ravioli)  and I ended up ordering the Brick House Beef sandwich. Its listed as “Sliced tender roast beef with our crispy onions and horsey sauce on a grilled pretzel bun.” The roast beef was just ok; it could have been more tender and didn’t have much flavor on its own. Everything else on the sandwich was good but it was missing something, like it needed another sauce to add some more flavor. I have to admit for $12.99 I was expecting more from this sandwich.

Cuzzy’s is big and the kitchen and dining room are open making it seem even larger. The bar looks nice and has plenty of TVs, this would be a nice place to watch a game and have some beers and apps. And while we received excellent service from everyone there, I can’t really recommend going out of your way to go to Cuzzy’s after our visit but there they do some things well enough and they do have some interesting things on their menu that I will be back at some point to try something else.
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2 Responses to Cuzzy’s Brick House – Chaska, MN

  1. Jim says:

    The onion rings look good. How were they?

    • MNFoodBros says:

      Don’t know how I forgot about the onion rings. They were big, very thick and the outside was crunchy. The only problem I had with them was that when the onions are that thick not all of them get cooked all the way through, so you end up with some that still have a little of the batter under cooked inside.

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