Wally’s Roast Beef – Bloomington, Mn

Wallys - Exterior


While Wally’s Roast Beef has been around since 1969 we only discovered it last year and have been back several times since. It has moved and changed owners over the years and now resides in the bottom of an office building but still maintains the look and some of the feel of a place that’s been around for over 40 years. This place still fills up during lunch with an interesting mixture of seniors and business people, if you are under 50 you will be in the minority here (except the staff which are mostly teenagers) and its only open until 3pm.

Wallys - Brad

Every other time I have been to Wally’s I have got the regular roast beef sandwich (usually 2, don’t judge) and have been very satisfied. This time I shook it up a little and tried the Philly Beef; its their roast beef with melted cheese, sautéed green peppers, tomatoes and onions on a hoagie bun. The tomatoes were a little different, I have never seen them on a Philly sandwich before but there wasn’t a lot so it wasn’t distracting. The overall taste was excellent; the roast beef is super tender and works well with the onions and peppers. My only complaint about this sandwich is I have seen others order it before and I swear they had at least double the meat mine had this day. I am hoping this was just a mistake on this day and will try it again.

Wallys - cheese fries

I also tried the Cheese Fries, now when I say Cheese Fries you think a basket of fries covered in cheese right? Not so fast, at Wally’s it apparently means a normal order of fries and a cup of cold gelatinous cheese. The cheese was nasty and I struggled to eat more than a few bites of fries when I could manage to get any cheese on them, usually when I dipped a fry in it came out clean, I had to use the fry as a scoop to get anything. The fries themselves aren’t anything to brag about either, if you need a side instead of another sandwich stick to the onion rings.

I love places like Wally’s that do simple things right and don’t try to be more than they are. I like the Philly but for the most part I will stick to the regular roast beef (or 2 maybe 3) and be happy. If you have only tried fast food roast beef sandwiches I urge you to go try Wally’s to just taste what it’s supposed to be.

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


Ask Brad he’ll tell you, the first time I had Wally’s Roast Beef I was in heaven. So much so that after my first experience I returned six times in the following two weeks. The perfectly cooked medium rare roast beef is absolutely some of the best I have ever had. They are only open for 4 hours a day so get there while you can and get your fill.

Wallys - Roastbeef

The roast beef sandwich is Wally’s claim to fame. Personally I have never had a better roast beef sandwich. I have tried many of their sides over my multiple trips to Wally’s and have come to the conclusion to just order another sandwich and skip all sides. The onion rings, fries, and potato salad are all terrible. Don’t bother with the cheese fries either, just look at the picture.

Wallys - onion rings

On our most recent trip to Wally’s something felt different. The roast beef sandwich was a bit smaller than what I have gotten in the past. With my sandwich lacking in meat I was able to taste the bun a bit more which was covered in something that wasn’t butter. After leaving Wally’s I decided that I needed to know what they put on the bun so I gave them a call and asked the young woman on the phone what it was …her response…”butter I think”. I asked if she could be sure and ask someone that would know for sure. She returned to the phone with the answer “shortening”. Something tells me that whoever gave that answer was wrong as well. I’m guessing an oil based spray or margarine either way…Yuk…from now on I’m getting an untoasted bun.

Overall, Wally’s serves excellent roast beef sandwiches. I will chalk that last experience up to a rookie in the back. If you are in the area between 11am-3pm, you should stop in for a quality roast beef sandwich along with your favorite old time soda, they have plenty to choose from.

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  1. ASaiEn says:

    Try the Blue Plate next time. It’s my favorite!

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