The Rack – Burnsville, MN


I admit I really didn’t have high expectations for The Rack, even from its own web site and advertising it just comes off as a place that doesn’t care about its food and just relies on cleavage to bring guys back. If this allows these women who work there to make more money then more power to them but as long as my server isn’t Chris Elliot from Scary Movie 2(yep, you remember the hand!) it’s not going to affect my meal much, that said our server actually seemed to care about doing her job well. Our visit was on a Friday just after noon and while waiting for our food we noticed they had plenty of customers but not one was female, not ONE, we checked.

First we tried some of their hot buffalo wings, these were a bit bigger than the usual bar wings and were flavorful. The spice level is what I would think I was getting if I ordered medium but they were ok. The blue cheese dressing that came with it is another story; they use the same thin, watered down tasteless crap that you find in a lot of chain restaurants. I really love blue cheese dressing with my wings, I guess I should just start bringing my own when I go out for wings.

I love ribs, so much so I tend not to order them at restaurants due to eating so many bad versions. We had heard from a couple people about how good their ribs were and so we had a debate in the car on the way about who was going to try them, in the end it was me. To the person who told me these were the best ribs they had ever had, I feel bad for you as there are actually many good bbq places around Minnesota. I am not saying these were inedible but they really had no flavor; these were not smoked, unless you count the cooks cigarette (I kid, I kid), I could not taste any seasoning or rub to speak of and the sauce didn’t have any other flavor than sweet. While these were listed as baby backs I am pretty sure they were spare ribs, now I prefer spares but call them what they are please. Pass on the ribs! I got a side of onions rings with the ribs and they were alright but they came with another watered down ranch-like sauce, stop with the watered down sauces!

While the wings were the star of our visit I would rather go two doors down to Hurricanes or drive to D-spot and be able to get more flavors. The rest of the food was forgettable and I really see no reason for a repeat visit.

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


Let’s not talk about the food just yet. Let’s chat about what most guys are curious about when I tell them that I ate at The Rack. Usually I get the gyrating eye brow move along a question about how I felt about the “Rack girls”. To be honest, they do absolutely nothing for me. I’ve come to the conclusion that at 30 years old I am right in the middle of caring about scantily clad women being in my general vicinity.  Maybe at age 16-22 I would have been all wide eyed and mouth watery about being served by the Rack Girls, and heck maybe I will again come to a point or an age where that does something for me.  But for now, the orange skin and facial piercings just look ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong there are a few decent looking young girls that work there but it seems the more natural their beauty the less effort they put in when getting ready for work. Apparently if you look good enough you only have to wash your hair once a week? All that being said, we received friendly service from our Daisy Duke wearing server.

We first started off with an order of Buffalo Wings. They were nothing special, just standard fried wings covered with Buffalo sauce. They were not slimy which is a plus and makes them an item I would consider ordering again. Next, I ordered “The Rack” BLT with a side of steak fries. I was hugely disappointed with both my BLT and the fries. The BLT was served on Texas toast, with 5 strips of bacon, a few large pieces of lettuce, and a couple of tomato slices.  No mayo. You read that right. No mayo. I had to ask for mayo after a few nasty dry bites of my BLT. The bacon itself was decent but the size of the bread took over the sandwich, so more bacon would have been nice. The fries well…you know. They were the same frozen steak fries you can buy in the freezer section of your local grocer. I didn’t even eat half of them.

Brad ordered the ribs and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t impressed with them but I have a slightly different take.  When I was 16, I worked at a bar and saw how the ribs were made. They were pre-made in a package that you just microwaved for a few minutes and wallah BBQ Ribs. Not here, I was impressed that these ribs actually saw some time on the grill before being served. They weren’t smoky or anything near the quality we’re used to but for what I was expecting these ribs were pretty good.

Overall The Rack has a purpose…To serve guys sub-par food at an above average price point while they drink beer and flirt with the Rack Girls. I probably won’t be back anytime soon but hopefully they are in business when I turn 45 and feel the need to once again creepily eyeball young orange waitresses in Daisy Duke shorts.
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