Fat Lorenzo’s – Minneapolis, MN


It’s weird when you go to a place and you’re disappointed by how good it is. I say that because I know myself. I know that I am going to have a hell of a time forcing myself to order something other than their homemade meatball hoagie.  If my food were middle of the road I could still have the mindset that maybe next time I will try something else and it will be better. Leave it to me to “complain” about how good my hoagie was…but it’s like sex on a first date, you don’t give it your all first time out. Just give her something to keep coming back but not enough that she’ll be disappointed next go-round. Dammit Fat Lorenzo’s, you gave me a screaming “O” on the first date…

We first ordered the garlic cheese bread which was excellent. There was something slightly different about this bread that we couldn’t put our finger on. We asked the server what was on the bread that gave it its unique taste and he was immediately able to let us know that the bread itself was topped with butter, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper followed by a layer of mozzarella cheese and sprinkled with paprika.  I can’t explain how pleased I was that our server could actually tell us exactly what our food was made of. I was expecting a shoulder shrug or maybe even a “hang on, I’ll find out”. I guess he was just doing what should be expected of any server but in today’s society we’re so used to dealing with morons that it really sticks out when someone knows what the hell their talking about.

I’m what most would call a “big eater”. I can eat most people under the table but the meatball hoagie at Fat Lorenzo’s pushed me to my limit. The meatball hoagie is made with three giant homemade meatballs, sautéed onions, green peppers, and smothered with marinara and mozzarella cheese. There’s no way that this sandwich could be picked up without cutting it into thirds. Even though it pushed me to the limit, it was good enough that I ate every last bit. Not to mention it’s only $8.29. That’s a steal if you ask me.

We had no room for dessert this time, but trust me there will be many trips back to Fat Lorenzo’s and their gelato is on my to-do list. Overall, Fat Lorenzo’s was a great surprise. We have driven by numerous times and I am glad we finally stopped in. So if you skipped breakfast and are in the mood for a gut busting lunch and a small price, head over to Fat Lorenzo’s.

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


I have driven by Fat Lorenzo’s many times and never really thought about stopping there, I mean it’s on the way to Matt’s Bar so it really never had a chance before. On this day we didn’t really have a plan on where to go, nothing was jumping out on me as far as a place I had to go that night so Brandon suggested Fat Lorenzo’s. I can’t explain why but when we arrived we considered going to another place as something was just off putting, it was like when you have to go to a family-member-who-you-really-don’t-like-because-their-annoying-and-kinda-creepy’s house for Thanksgiving, but unlike most of those times I was happy we stayed and actually had a great meal.

Walking in there’s a case full of gelato on display, some looked good and some looked like frozen baby food, I really wanted to try some but by the time I finished my meal there was no room for anything else. We started with some Garlic cheese bread, this was excellent; the bread was soft and topped with a lot of excellent cheese with paprika sprinkled on top, underneath was garlic and butter baked in and was super tasty.

I ordered the Baked Rigatoni and added sausage. I was expecting a lot of noodle and a few pieces of sausage mix though out, but what I received was a huge portion of pasta, some peppers and onions mixed in with the sauce, two full sausages under a ton more of their cheese and half a garlic bread loaf. The sausages were very good, the first one I ate had good flavor but the second was spicy on top of the great flavor. The pasta was well cooked, the sauce is what you expect from a red sauce so nothing here is inventive or ground breaking but for $10 I got a meal that could easily feed 2 people. I was determined to finish all of the food on my plate and I did, but I felt it all night.

I will definitely return to Fat Lorenzo’s whenever I have a craving for an old school Italian joint and knowing now that their pizza and alfredo are award winning they are must tries for me. Oh and maybe this time I will try not to eat myself into such a food coma so that I could actually try their gelato, ya that’s probably not gonna happen.

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One Response to Fat Lorenzo’s – Minneapolis, MN

  1. Peter says:

    My wife and I frequent this place often and have never been disapointed. The only place to go for some of the best Pizza in the Twin Cities.

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