Tommy’s Malt Shop – Chaska, MN


Upon suggestion from a friend and craving a malt not from a fast food place we decided to try out Tommy’s Malt Shop. And who doesn’t like a malt or shake? Put your hand down lactose intolerant people you don’t count! The right answer is every one.

Tommy’s has around 20 base malts and allows you to mix and match as many as you want, and even have mixed suggestions from their staff on the wall. Just wanting to try a basic one the first time I got a strawberry malt and you know damn right I got the full size. My malt was smooth and very tasty, not the best I have ever had but damn good and I would like to try some of their different flavors. Just one complaint where is the whip cream and cherry on top, never seen a malt without it at least being offered, what up with that? Other than that we received excellent service, our server was quick and attentive while not being annoying.

Tommy’s doesn’t have a very extensive menu; they offer 12 different burgers and a hand full of soups and sandwiches. I am a sucker for a Jucy Lucy so of course I had to try Tommy’s Lucy, theirs comes with fried red onions, pickles and stuffed with American cheese. The burger is a very good size and was really well seasoned, something you don’t get as much as you should. I love fried onions but not a big fan of reds on a burger, would have preferred white or yellow onion. A lot of place that make Lucys think they have to char the burger almost to charcoal but Tommy’s cooked it medium which melts the cheese but doesn’t liquefy it making it a lot gooier and safer for someone who doesn’t have a lot of patience when a burger is sitting in front of them just begging to be devoured. Yep that’s this guy. The one thing that keeps this from being a top Lucy contender is there needed to be more cheese in the burger, there should be cheese oozing out and dripping on to your fries but never once did this happen. I only get fries when getting a Lucy so I can eat them after the cheese and everything else falls onto them. Tommy’s fries were standard fries nothing special but were at least crispy, really wish I had tried their onion rings.

Tommy’s Malt Shop is a great family place that does simple things well and is what an area severely lacking in non-chain restaurants needs more of. While Tommy’s isn’t expensive I wouldn’t call it cheap, $15 for a malt and a burger isn’t ridiculous but isn’t a bargain either.

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


There are places where we eat that are difficult to review because they are just kind of “meh”. I don’t mean “meh “ as bad but “meh” as in “meh”. You follow? Tommy’s Malt Shop in Chaska has done a couple of things right. First, their burgers are made of fresh never frozen ground beef. Second their malts are creamy and plentiful. But that’s about where it stops. Don’t get me wrong; those of you in the city of Chaska have a legit burger joint on your hands that’s perfect for teens and locals to get a bite to eat.  Tommy’s does have a bit of a nostalgic feel to it. Back when I was a teen, the only place to bring a date to grab malt was Perkins. You were throwing the end of date handy out the window if you took your date to Perkins. So fellas do yourself a favor and take your date to Tommy’s Malt Shop, share a malt and get your end of the night yank on.

I ordered the “Big Double” which comes with two quarter pound patties. I’m calling BS on size of this burger. I’d be damned if I were eating a half pound of meat on that burger.  No way were those patties a quarter pound each.  C’mon Man! It had two slices of cheese, four strips of bacon, and all the veggies. I have to say one thing that I loved about this burger was the seasoning on the patties. My father likes to pepper the hell out of his meat and that’s exactly what Tommy’s does.  I don’t know if that’s an old school thing or what but I sure love it. It came with a side of fries, which were nothing to write home about.

I ordered a chocolate malt which I was disappointed with. Like I said earlier the malt was creamy, and plentiful which is great but I’m almost positive my malt wasn’t malted, and if it was I sure couldn’t taste it. I don’t want to have to take your word for it. I didn’t order a milkshake, I ordered a malt and a malt needs to be made with malted milk powder period.

Overall, Tommy’s accomplished what I believe they set out to be, a throwback joint that serves good classic burgers and malts. If I lived in Chaska I would end my nights at Tommy’s with my lady friend and ensure a happy end to the evening.
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