Hurricane Grill & Wings – Burnsville, MN

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


My dislike for fries is growing each time someone orders some and I have a few. Sure they will be eaten if they’re in front of me but I can go without fries for the rest of my life for sure. Don’t give me that whole “What Bro? You hate fries?”… I don’t hate fries; I can just go without them…forever! Our server suggested we start with an order of Hurricane’s World-Famous Garlic & Parmesan Fries which had already caught Brad’s attention.  After already downing a tall beer I was ready for some fries. Heck maybe I was wrong about my disdain for fries? Maybe they’re the delicious salty, crunchy, golden brown bits of goodness that I remember from my childhood? Not! These fries did taste of garlic and parmesan but I’m pretty sure they were soaked in butter for a few minutes before they were served. Have you eaten a wet fry? Gross! Bring on the garlic and parm all you want but to serve them soggy is just nasty. That being said…after another couple of beers I found a way to be the only one left still eating them. I’m fat and I had a buzz what do you expect me to do? Just leave them there?

The place is called Hurricane Grill & Wings so wings are what I decided to order. They offer 30+ different flavors of wings which is pretty impressive. I was expecting maybe 10 or 15 at most. This place is definitely taking their wings seriously. You can even sample multiple sauces before you order that way you’re not stuck with a whole order of wings that are way too hot for you. The fewest wings you can order at once are 10. The good news is you can split them up if you want into two different flavors. Their wings are broken up into Categories (get it like a hurricane). Category 1 being mild, all the way to Category 5, which according to them requires you to be a fire eater. I can handle some heat so I went straight to Category 3 and ordered the Cyclone Sauce Wings. Cyclone sauce is a mix of spicy Asian chili sauce and creamy ranch. These were creamy and spicy at the same time. They were my favorite by far and I will definitely be ordering these again. Next I ordered from the category 4 section and got the Extra Hot Hurricane Sauce (standard buffalo sauce). These were pretty damn hot. If I wasn’t buzzed up from my now 3rd tall beer I might have called it quits, but hey…I’m a man dammit… and I finished and enjoyed the hell out of my wings!

Overall Hurricane Grill and Wings is surprisingly the real deal. They offer a ton of flavors at a reasonable price with plenty of other menu items that look worth ordering. Our server told us even their chicken tenders are fresh never frozen. How many bar’s do that anymore? None! I will definitely be back to have some more wings and brew. I suggest you take a break from BWW’s and give Hurricane Grill & Wings a try.


We are always looking for new wing places, especially since BWWs changed how you order wings and its stupid, so we heard a new place in Burnsville (where Hooters used to be) opened called Hurricane Grill & Wings we naturally had to check it out. This is the first Hurricane in Minnesota as it’s a chain from Florida and is starting to spread north. Inside is a basic beach/island theme with plenty of tvs for watching a game, nothing new here move along.

Upon sitting down our drink orders were taken and we ordered their World-Famous Garlic & Parmesan Fries upon our waitress highly recommending them. We waited a few minutes and the fries came out and I had still not received my drink, when I said something to the waitress she apologized profusely and got my drink immediately. After that I was impressed with the service as I did not have an empty drink the rest of the time we were there and we were there awhile. Our waitress was really good, they had only been open 3 days at the time of our visit so some things she was not sure of but she found out quickly and was actually kind of funny.

The World-Famous Garlic & Parmesan Fries were just meh. They were lukewarm and a little soggy from the garlic butter. Not something I will order again, save the room for more wings.

The wings on the other hand were good, they were big and meaty and well cooked. With an order of 10 you can get 2 different sauces, five each, so I got Ancho Chile Lime and Hot Hurricane Sauce. The Ancho Chile Lime is listed as a spicy blend of ancho, chiles, citrus, garlic, and cilantro. These were ok, not really much heat, I could taste the ancho chili powder and the garlic not so much any citrus or cilantro. The Hot Hurricane Sauce is their version of Buffalo Sauce, for being listed as hot there is not a lot of heat just enough to tingle a bit but the taste was good, these I will order again. My one complaint about the wings though is there wasn’t a lot of sauce; yes they were coated but just barely. C’mon now with the extra sauce!

Overall Hurricane Grill & Wings is a nice wing and beer option other than the usual. Their amount of flavors(30+) and great service we received will bring us back.

Update: We went back a week ago and this time each ordered 15 wings, this time we were told we could only get 2 sauces no matter how many we ordered, not the 1 per 5 wings we were led to believe before. Our server said since it wasn’t busy she would ask the kitchen to do 3 sauces for us (at an extra charge for the 3rd, which fine I understand that) and they did. She then came back and explained that we should order our wings un-sauced and get the sauces on the side if we wanted more. Come on now, this is ridiculous, if you do 1 sauce per 5 wings with an order of 10, you should do the same for all orders. Stupid rules like this give us a reason not to go back and will not help this new chain break into a market that is already dominated by Buffalo Wild Wings.
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