Dulono’s Pizza – Minneapolis, MN

Disclaimer: After we leave a restaurant we do our reviews independent of each other and do not read the others until they are going to be posted. So there may be some repeated themes/ideas in our reviews.


Let’s start with a real conversation between myself and the waitress.

Me – I’ve heard good things about your chicken. Is it homemade?

Server – No, It’s frozen. Everything on our menu is frozen with the exception of the pizzas and our pastas.

Me – Everything?

Server  (now with a scrunched yucky face on ) – Yes everything.

Me – We’ll have an x-large sausage and pepperoni pizza.

Other than taking our drink order that was the last we heard from our server. I’m not kidding when I say I wouldn’t be surprised if she told me she was diagnosed with a terminal illness earlier in the day. That’s how depressed this lady was.  Not once did she check on us, refill our sodas, or even bring us our bill. I’ve been going to Dulano’s for years and the service has always been subpar but this was ridiculous. I’m not sure but I think two servers were fighting over who was supposed to take care of us and in the end neither of them did. We were eating at a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint on Lake Street, so trust me our expectations were not high but this complete lack of service was aggravating to say the least.

Now for the good news, their pizza is great!  I’m talking F’ing GREAT!  Dulono’s pizza is Top 5 in all of the Twin Cities in my opinion. Their toppings are plentiful, their sauce is mild yet pleasant, and they are super generous with their cheese. Did I mention they cut in squares like all good thin crust pizzas should be cut? Ya Buddy! I’ve heard good things about their spaghetti and lasagna but can never bring myself to order anything other than pizza. One of these times I should man up and give them a try. Nah! I’ll stick with the pizza.

If you consider yourself a pizza lover, then you have to try a Dulono’s pizza. If you want to skip the suicidal servers and shitty service they deliver…until 3:00am! How awesome is that? If you’re downtown and have a late night craving, just order some Dulono’s to your hotel room and enjoy some of the best pizza the Twin Cities has to offer.


I just want to start this by saying based on pizza alone Dulono’s is easily in the top 5 in the state for me but this isn’t going to be the most glowing review. Dulono’s is kind of weird: The building is run down and old, the parking lot sucks, and late at night it’s not a place some people are going to feel safe. Inside isn’t all that much better, all the tables, chairs and art work seem to be garage sale rejects or stuff left on the side of the road (including a mounted marlin). Oh and they have blue grass music performed live on the weekends.

Anyway I need to divert to the actual food before my next rant. The pizza is awesome; it’s a really thin crust with great cheese and toppings. The sausage is house made and very flavorful. The pizza usually doesn’t have a lot of sauce on it but on this occasion it did and it’s also very tasty. You can even get double thin crust for an added crunch. This is the thin crust pizza I compare all others to.

We have been to Dulono’s many times and while the service has never been amazing, it’s gotten down right horrible. The servers (it’s a stretch to call them that) sit at tables near the kitchen and usually are playing dice and talking to each other rather that doing their jobs. I have only left absolutely no tip maybe five times in my life and on this visit it was much deserved. We received our drinks right away and then another waitress brought more drinks and commented how she didn’t know anyone had brought the out, ok that’s fine two drinks won’t last long with us. When she came out with our pizza I got a refill and then never saw her again, no check to see how we were doing, no refills, never even brought us our check!

While I can’t recommend you have anything else at Dulono’s(everything other than the meatballs and pizza is premade frozen, told to us by our server) you need to get a pizza to go and enjoy it at home or in a less creepy parking lot.

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