Detello’s – Eden Prairie, MN

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Detello’s was suggested to me by a coworker during a conversation about thin crust pizza. I don’t remember who told me about Detello’s, but whoever it was…I just want to say…thank you. There seem to be about 20 shitty pizza places for every 1 good one…no I take that back….now that Little Caesar’s is back there are about 50 shitty pizza places for every 1 good one…pizza pizza my ass! More like shitzza shitzza!

When you walk in you smell the garlicky goodness of a real deal Italian restaurant.  It was about 2:30pm on a Wednesday, so I wasn’t too surprised to be the only ones in the place. This is good because that almost guarantees good service, which we had. Anytime I am eating at a pizza place for the first time, I have adopted a pizza place yardstick… garlic bread and a large thin crust pepperoni and sausage pizza. If you can pull off good bread with a solid S&P, I gain confidence in the rest of your menu.

First we got our garlic cheese bread. We had a small order which comes with two large pieces. For an extra $1.50 we were given a side of sauce. The sauce was their pizza sauce which is very good, with lots of flavor. The bread itself was crusty around the edges with a soft, buttery, and garlicky center. When dipped in the sauce it just about made me….Awwwwww skeet skeet  skeet ….

The pizza came out next and it was just about perfect. Just about. Cut in squares, which happens to be my favorite way to enjoy a pizza. There was lots of great tasting cheese, sausage, and pepperonis.  The sauce was good with a pretty strong flavor for a pizza sauce. If you were to get maybe a one topping pizza or toppings with not much flavor like a Hawaiian or beef, the sauce might overpower the flavor of the toppings. Fortunately it worked well with the sausage. They make their own sausage in house. The pepperoni was standard, nothing special, just a small round of greasy goodness. The only thing that kept this pizza from being perfect was the crust. Although it had good flavor, it was a bit soggy. I like my thin crust pizza to have a more crispy crust. Maybe next time I will ask them to leave it in the oven for a few extra minutes.

Overall, I can say I will be returning to this place. The service was great. The garlic bread and pizza were both excellent. Do yourself a favor eat something with sausage in it or on it. You won’t be disappointed. Until next time… Um Papa Mow Mow…


I have a belief that barbeque and pizza places should have a great smell to them, the kind of smell you only get from years of making great food, Detello’s does not disappoint in that area. Also I like it when places are seat yourself so I don’t have to ask the server for a table when they take us to a booth, not sure if this is just some servers way of messing with the fat guy but it happens all the damn time, but I digress.

We started with the garlic toast with mozzarella cheese and a side of sauce. This was classic sliced Italian bread with butter and garlic topped with a lot of mozzarella cheese (mmmmm….. the cheese was so good!… sorry for the drool). This was just what I expected and tasted great, not sure about charging $1.50 for a small cup of sauce but I forgot about that as I tore into it and devoured every tasty bit.

Next we ordered a thin crust pepperoni and sausage pizza, yes some may say this is boring to some but I believe that if a pizza place can’t make this classic well I can’t really do anything well. Instead of using premade crusts they sheet the pizza crust to order and give it a few tosses before topping it. It’s really nice to know places are still doing things the right way. If you are like us, you can’t resist eating a great looking pizza right away and then you get that burn on the top of your mouth and then it messes with you for at least a day, I did try to resist but could not but somehow I managed not to burn my mouth this time. The crust was an average thin crust that could have used another minute or two in the oven to get just a little crispy but still very good. The pepperoni was standard stuff but the cheese, sausage and sauce were all outstanding. Now I am not a sauce person, to me it’s just kind of there and as long as it doesn’t ruin the pizza I’m good, but this was very flavorful and I actually liked it when a piece had a good amount of sauce on it. There was a good amount of really good mozzarella cheese which is a must. For me a good home made sausage makes a pizza and Dettelo’s sausage does not disappoint. A lot of places put way to much fennel in their sausage but they had an excellent balance of flavors I look for in a sausage.

Overall Dettelo’s is a great pizza place that still does everything the right way. It really is worth the drive and I would be in trouble if it were closer to my home. I will definitely be back.

If you need any other proof how good it was, this is the damage:

Detello’s Info:
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2 Responses to Detello’s – Eden Prairie, MN

  1. Mack says:

    Is it better than Sammy’s in Duluth?

    And congrats in the new blog. Looks like fun!

    • blsetter says:

      Not as good as Sammy’s. I don’t think anything will ever beat Sammy’s. If anything nostalgia will not let me put anything above it.

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